Bonny is Badass!

Bonny is Badass!

Prepare to be Boarded by Bonny!

Bonny is another new coffee line who’s off to a strong start. She is a no BS, take no prisoners kinda lady that we all fear and love.  Anne Bonny was a legendary badass female pirate, so this coffee roast should be the same to pay homage to her.

We are a huge fan of Honduran so we wanted to bring another version of this to our boat crew. We were only offering Honduran for our prepackaged cold brew line, Cutthroat but now we have another amazing medium roast.  

This coffee smelled absolutely amazing during roasting and we were immediately ready impressed from the start.  This first batch was an organic single source origin. The flavor notes are dark chocolate, apple and cane sugar.  We usually choose those sweeter beans to keep that acidity low for our pirates.  

Check this coffee out if you dare, she's a bad bitch so fear her!

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