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Heaven in a Bag

Heaven in a Bag

Toffee with your coffee! 

INSANELY great taste, locally made and family owned. What else do you need to convince you to buy local and treat yourself?  

Tucson Toffee Co. is a locally owned and operated small business.  We create small batch toffee with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Over a decade ago, our toffee started as gifts for friends and family. During a gallery showing in the Little Gallery at Degrazia Gallery in the Sun, they served their toffee to guests, who immediately asked if it was for sale; it was at that moment, Tucson Toffee Co. was born.

For years after, they talked about what a great business it would be, but who has the time?!  Finally, determined to make Tucson Toffee Co. a Tucson favorite, we soft launched Christmas 2019.

Since then, their small toffee business has garnered rave reviews and is now one of the most popular treats in the Old Pueblo.

Perfect for road trips, campouts, family gatherings or simply snacking on the couch with our delicious coffee. 

Now let’s dive into what’s inside those amazingly delicious bags! 

Starting with Churro, the southwest hometown hero flavor! Made with white chocolate, cinnamon and sugar. 


Moving on next to Smore’s goodness. Made with milk chocolate, mash mellowed and graham crackers. 



Now over to the Classic flavor.  Made with semi sweet chocolate and almonds.  


And now finally to Dark & Salty! Made with dark chocolate and sea salt.  

Our coffee pirates love this treat and it has been popular since we partnered with them in 2020. People love to treat their families, give them as special occasion or holiday gifts.  

By shopping with us, you support local families, you don’t have to stress if this shipping crisis will cause your gifts to be late for the holidays and there’s no big corporate company involved. All local, all community and all family!  

This year give the gift that your friends and family will love! Available in our store so stop by try some coffee and shop local  

Tucson Toffee is making life sweeter one bag at a time. Eat. More. Toffee

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