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New Podcast Episode-Fighting Fires & Posing For Calendars

New Podcast Episode-Fighting Fires & Posing For Calendars

People just don't understand the hardships posing for a fireman’s calendar shoot can have on firefighters! In the next episode, we are going to break down this painful process with 30-year, Tucson firefighter veteran, Clint Moss. 

In all seriousness, we’ll discuss the difference between firefighter and police officer rehab and recovery after difficult shifts or calls. What does the firefighter community do differently from law enforcement? Are there things LEOs should be looking at from our brothers and sisters in red?  Take for instance the way a truck of 4-6 fire personnel can lean on each other after a tragic call versus the police officer who drives away solo from that same horrible call.

Do firefighters take on a more serious mindset about rehab and recovery for both their physical and mental wellness? I would propose that there is a difference, and LEOs can learn many things from them.

We are not health professionals but merely a conduit to pass on information and resources to LEOs who may need or want it. 

Check it out here ->
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