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Maya Creme Brulee Oolong Tea

Maya Creme Brulee Oolong Tea

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Maya Tea Creme Brulee Oolong Tea

Creme Brulee Oolong Tea
One of our amazing local Tucson partners.
Bag of sachets (20 servings)
  • This luxurious tea is almost as fun to drink as it is to crack the crust of the famed dessert. We started with a crisp, low-caffeine Oolong tea to balance the creamy, caramel-like flavor of Creme Brulee. Combined they make for a delectable cup of tea that's perfect hot with a dash of milk, or iced.

  • Tea Base:

    Low Caffeine BT Oolong Tea

    Base Region:

    Sri Lanka

    Tea Bag Ingredients:

    Low Caffeine BT Oolong Tea, All Natural Flavors, Jasmine Flowers, Cinnamon Chips.

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