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Maya Tea Vanilla Spice Herbal Tea

Maya Tea Vanilla Spice Herbal Tea

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Vanilla Spice Herbal Tea
One of our amazing local Tucson partners.
Bag of sachets (20 servings)
This is one of Maya Tea's top selling local favorite products.

  • Inspired by spicy snicker doodle cookies, Vanilla Spice Herbal was born! Warming cinnamon, ginger and fennel blended with a touch of vanilla make this a wonderful evening tea. This aromatic blend is reminiscent of nights by the fire and festive holidays. It’s not only a delicious and relaxing tea, but is an aid to digestion and an ideal after dinner drink. This versatile tea demonstrates enriched notes of spicy ginger when brewed hot and sweet vanilla when iced.
  • Tea Base: Cinnamon Sticks & Ginger Tea Bag Ingredients Cinnamon Chips, Ginger Root, Fennel Seeds, All Natural Flavor.
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