Low acid cold brew coffee

Amazing Taste With High Caffeine

Picture you drinking amazingly smooth cold coffee with a sweet taste this summer! 

The weather has been beautiful here lately! And, you loyal Pirates know what goes perfectly on a warm day…Cutthroat Cold Brew! If you haven’t tried Cutthroat, you must visit us immediately. Our cold brew is so smooth with no bitterness at all, and it leaves you with a sweetness of molasses on your tastebuds. It’s keeps you cool in the rising temps and gives you that kick of caffeine to get you through your day.

Brewing Cutthroat couldn’t be easier. There’s no mess and no fuss with our easy packets. Using any gallon sized pitcher, add 6 packets of Cutthroat, fill the pitcher with filtered water, and put it in the fridge to brew for 24 hours. Then remove the packets and enjoy your Cutthroat Cold Brew!

We now offer Cutthroat in ready-made 16 oz bottles, 1/2 gallon jugs, and brew-at-home packets. And, throughout the summer, bottled cold teas and flavored cold brews will be available as well. We can’t wait to share it all with you.

See you soon!

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