Pirate Shack

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Ugly Cookies

Kathryn has been making these amazingly delicious cookies for over 30 years. She's perfected a recipe her mother taught her and has made it her own. They're not pretty. They're actually pretty ugly. But, they're always really good. Ugly Cookies sell out fast each week. Here's a little of the ingredients but we will never share the secret recipe:  graham cracker with pecans, brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. We usually have them in stock on Thursdays and Saturdays.

More Coffee and Merch in Our Store

You can find a lot more amazing products in our store than you will see on our website. Flavored coffee, roast of the month coffee, shirts, decals, mugs and travel mugs. Swing by and take advantage of our options for you.

Try-It Coffee Bags and K Cups

Want to try our coffee or give it as a holiday gift?  We offer small sampler bags of ground and whole bean coffee as well as 5-packs of K Cups. There are over 20 different roasts and flavors to choose from. We even offer variety K Cup packs for flavored, medium, and dark roasts. Build your own collection for gift giving this season!

Try-It Bags


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