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Filthy Pirate Coffee

Filthy Pirate Coffee is veteran/first responder owned, family operated and locally roasted. Our wide variety of delicious coffee is made for those who work hard and need great coffee without the side effects of high acidity.

Our coffee is super smooth, low acid and has amazing aromas and flavors!

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Why Drink Low Acid Coffee?

Our low acid coffee blends are great for those with acid-reflux and other digestive issues, as well as being safer on tooth enamel!

Plus, you can just TASTE the difference! Filthy Pirate coffee is noticeably smoother while still being bold in flavor. Hit the button and get started with our top selling low acid dark roast and taste the difference.

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Store Hours Update

Holiday Hours- Our store will have adjusted hours on December 08 of 10-3 and 12-5 on December 12.

We will be closed on December 23 through December 27.

We are also closed December 31 and January 01.

Our store is usually closed on all Wednesdays.

And starting in January we will be closed all Tuesdays and Wednesdays

What’s New ?

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Filthy Pirate Treasures


Our Pirate Shack

Come join us at our store so we can custom fit coffee or tea for you. We have a wide selection to choose from with tons of merch and swag too.


Store Hours:

Sunday 11pm-4pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am-5pm

2040 West Orange Grove Rd #116 Tucson AZ 85704

(520) 600-8246

Blog posts

Jun 23, 2023

Morning Coffee and Thoughts Episode 2

We are grateful for all of you on our boat crew! Your support has made this journey so incredibly worth it.

Jun 1, 2023

Morning Coffee and Thoughts

Check out what’s washed up ashore in our June pirate coffee update!
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