Coffee and Thoughts

Morning Coffee and Thoughts Episode 2

Coffee and thoughts...Episode 2

We are grateful for all of you on our boat crew! Your support has made this journey so incredibly worth it. Kathryn and I get to work together everyday. We get to see y’all and hear some amazing things about your lives.

My coffee drink, while I write this, is the Cut Throat medium roast cold brew. I drink way too much of it, but I’m no quitter! I’ll be jacked up all summer on caffeine.

Another fan fave is the Filthy Bastard dark roast. It’s currently our top selling dark roast and I struggle to keep it stocked up on the shelf, so apparently y’all really like it too. It should be fully restocked by early next week.

S’mores flavored coffee is back in town and just in time for summer. It’s a little taste of sitting around a campfire with that chocolate-marshmallow-graham dessert, but in your cup of coffee.

New coffee accessories are now available at our store, too. We have been asked to offer some coffee brewing equipment and accessories so we obliged. We carry some great products that can store or brew your coffee beans or grounds. We have the coolest 20 oz travel French Press, pour over maker and cold brew makers! These accessories are made of fantastic quality and are so useful for the coffee junkies like me.

Capt’s Roast is still growing in popularity every week. We offer one pound bags of ground or whole bean in a medium or dark roast. It’s our Latin American blend at a great price.

We had three goals to make your online website purchases better with us. One was to keep shipping affordable with our $5 shipping for orders 4lbs or less. Another was to freshly roast each order as it came in. And, we wanted to add in some samples in each order as a thank you. This has all been achievable and positive and we look forward to continuing this.

Ugly Cookies are the bomb! They always sell out fast. Kathryn has been making these through preorder and they’re ready for pickup within a few days. Generally, we have a fresh batch made for the weekend for walk-ins. Give us a call to see if we have any in stock or if you’d like to preorder.

Stop by our store and see what we have in. It’s grown so much since we opened. We are closed this July 03, 04 and Wednesday July 05. We are always closed on Wednesdays.

Follow us on social media or our website for updates, store hours and new products.

Stay caffeinated!

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